Here you can find an overview of my projects on Research Softwares and teaching, in a range of health related fields.

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For my teaching material and R packages, please visit the pages dedicated to those topics. Thank you for your interest!

Public health surveillance and reporting

I worked at Norwegian Institute of Public Health during Covid-19 pandemic, focusing on real-time infectious disease surveillance and real-time large scale reporting using R.


I started teaching introductory statistics at Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo since early 2023. I aim to make basic data skills and statistics accessible to health researchers, by combining modern data science tools (R, quarto, version control) with hands-on practice in my class.

In my free time I volunteer in the Carpentries workshops to teach Rstats to researchers and students at UiO.

R packgages

I developed / co-developed several R packages used for public health surveillance: covidnor, cstime, csdata, csmaps which are part of the CSIDS.

My current ongoing R packages focus on facilitating statistical education: qtwAcademic.