Data Apothecary’s Notes

My own note-taking system for a modern health data scientist

(This is my own note-taking system using quarto)

About the notes

Data Apothecary’s Notes is a note-taking repository for modern data science skills with a focus on drug development and clinical trials. Content will be gradually added while I learn the topics. Therefore, it is by no means a complete guide by the time you read it!

I try to organize the content in a modular way. I think these should cover the important aspects in which a data scientist / modern statistician should know.

  • study design
  • inference
  • models
  • reporting
  • programming

Why quarto

In short, quarto has the advantage of making a very well structured website with code chunks easy. No more worry about scattered notes in different folders - put them together, render it so you can find your notes quickly!