Notes: Making Data Science work for Clinical Reporting - Part 4

Clinical trial
Data science

This is the Part 4 of a four-part course on Coursera.


Chi Zhang


March 1, 2023

This is a course provided by Genentech (part of Roche) on Coursera.

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Risk assessment and management

Over 19k CRAN packages and 10k maintainers

Some are universally used, documented, tested and have vibrant community of users and developers; some have limited docs and testing.

Open source packages


  • survival: 8 developers, >18 years
  • admiral: 25 developers, >1 year
  • tern: 77 developers, 5 years
  • rtables: 21 developers, 4 years

Engagement across these packages is different, some receive more issues and comments, some receive more code contributions.

Stale: stable? abandoned?

Contribution is highly skewed, a few contributors write the majority of the code.

R package life cycles (indicative, not guaranteed)

  • experimental (ready to use?)
  • stable (safe to use?)
  • deprecated, no longer maintained
  • superseded, something better exists
  • <1.0: big changes likely; >=v1.0: is it safe to use?

Risk mitigation for R packages

Combine external and internal packages (CI/CD release)

-> automated package data collection

-> automated quality checks: if not pass, assess

-> package repo integration tests

-> publish to package repo, generate package validation report

Assess external packages for statistical methods

Does it provide the required functionality?

  • Correct statistical method?
  • Could you extend it?
  • Correct results? (compare with another software)
  • Do you understand the method? (check the paper linked with package)

Does it work reliably?

  • Published? (e.g. on CRAN)
  • Different inputs?
  • Fast?
  • Do other people use it? (downloads)
  • Does other software use it? (reverse dependencies)

Does the code look robust and well tested?

  • How are the functions implemented
  • Is the source code readable
  • Coverage with unit tests
  • Mature package?

Is it well documented?

  • Documented functions?
  • Vignettes?
  • Published?
  • Informative NEWS entry?

Who are the authors, are they responsive?

  • Did they publish statistics papers on this topic
  • Is a github site with issues available


covr and unit tests

riskmetric and the R Validation Hub, with end-to-end examples