Publishing Quarto Website with GitHub Pages


A workflow that worked for me. This is the third time that I go through the Quarto website publishing with GitHub Pages - even more reason to note it down!


Chi Zhang


January 11, 2023

1. Create a public repository on GitHub

After you have the public repo, clone it to your local repo.

2. Create Quarto project

This can be a website, a book (a specific type of website) or something else.

Test compilation by quarto render, or click the Render button.

3. Configure Quarto project

In _quarto.yml, change the project configuration to use docs as the output-dir:

  type: website
  output-dir: docs

Then add .nojekyll to the root of the repository. Can do this by (in terminal)

touch .nojekyll

Push everything to your repository.

4. Configure GitHub Pages

Go to Settings > Pages, publish from docs of the main branch.

Can check GitHub Action and deployment status.

After the deployment is successful, go to view deployment, and a successful website should be published.